Architectural design with simple shape grammars and learning


  • Eduardo Jiménez-Morales
  • Manuela Ruiz-Montiel
  • Juan Gavilanes
  • Javier Boned
  • Lawrence Mandow
  • José Luís Pérez de la Cruz



This work presents a proposal for the automatic generation of architectural design. This scheme is based on the training of simple shape grammars through reinforcement learning technics. Finally, the results of the implemented system by this technic for the generation of dwelling design with certain restrictions are presented and analyzed.


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Jiménez-Morales, E., Ruiz-Montiel, M., Gavilanes, J., Boned, J., Mandow, L., & Pérez de la Cruz, J. L. (2014). Architectural design with simple shape grammars and learning. Inteligencia Artificial, 17(54), 21-29.

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