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Most Viewed (2021)

The 30 Most Downloaded Articles in 2021

Arthur O. Santos et al. Morphological Skip-Gram: Replacing FastText characters n-gram with morphological knowledge

Li et al. Study on Student-centered artificial intelligence online teaching + home learning model during the COVID-19 epidemic

Jean Phelipe de Oliveira Lima et al. A Temporal Fusion Approach for Video Classification with Convolutional and LSTM Neural Networks Applied to Violence Detection

Deghbouch et al. A Hybrid Bees Algorithm with Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm for Optimal Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks

G et al. A survey on plant disease prediction using machine learning and deep learning techniques

Dvorak et al. Planning and Scheduling in Additive Manufacturing

Zhongshan Chen et al. Education 4.0 using artificial intelligence for students performance analysis

Menegasso Pires et al. Quantum Circuit Synthesis Using Projective Simulation

Camargo et al. Evaluating the impact of curriculum learning on the training process for an intelligent agent in a video game

Morveli Espinoza Calculating the Strength of Rhetorical Arguments in Persuasive Negotiation Dialogues

Wei Cao et al. Artificial intelligence based efficient smart learning framework for education platform

Bhole et al. A Transfer Learning-based Approach to Predict the Shelf life of Fruit

López-Cabrera et al. Classification of Breast Cancer from Digital Mammography Using Deep Learning

Cravo et al. Otimização por Enxame de Partículas híbrido de duas fases Aplicado o Problema de Layout em Linha Dupla: Two-phase hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to theDouble Row Layout Problem

Rezaeipanah et al. Design of Ensemble Classifier Model Based on MLP Neural Network For Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Shruthi P et al. Novel Approach for Generating Hybrid Features Set to Effectively Identify Hate Speech

Röpke et al. Development of an Artificial Intelligence System (AI) Based on Patterns Recognition for the Analysis of Vehicular Routes

Herrera-Franklin et al. A fuzzy approach for the variable cost and size bin packing problem allowing incomplete packing

Shi et al. Recognition of Motion-blurred CCTs based on Deep and Transfer Learning

Agudelo et al. Computational Model to Support the Detection of Profiles of Missing Person in Colombia.

Hengpraprohm et al. Ensemble Feature Selection for Breast Cancer Classification using Microarray Data

Martínez et al. Reglas para predecir el cumplimiento de la calidad del agua residual en una planta tratadora con minería de datos

Cao et al. A New Method of Different Neural Network Depth and Feature Map Size on Remote Sensing Small Target Detection

Mamdouh et al. Airport resource allocation using machine learning techniques

Villa-Murillo et al. Forest-Genetic method to optimize parameter design of multiresponse experiment

Alshammari et al. The Effect of the Dataset Size on the Accuracy of Software Defect Prediction Models: An Empirical Study

Núñez Tabale et al. Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to analyze the determinants attributes in housing prices

Suárez-Barón et al. Computational Model for Organizational Learning in Research And Development Centers (R&D)

Marquine Raymundo et al. Elderly perception about the new technologies

Naga Muneiah et al. An Efficient Probability Estimation Decision Tree Postprocessing Method for Mining Optimal Profitable Knowledge for Enterprises with Multi-Class Customers