Most Article Viewed (2022)

Negro et al. Artificial Intelligence techniques based on the integration of symbolic logic and deep neural networks: A systematic review of the literature

Wang et al. A Gene Expression Clustering Method to Extraction of Cell-to-Cell Biological Communication

Al-azawi et al. Feature extractions and selection of bot detection on Twitter A systematic literature review: Feature extractions and selection of bot detection on Twitter A systematic literature review

Saltos Atiencia et al. Rough-Fuzzy Support Vector Clustering with OWA Operators

Lamas Piñeiro et al. Web architecture for URL-based phishing detection based on Random Forest, Classification Trees, and Support Vector Machine

G et al. A survey on plant disease prediction using machine learning and deep learning techniques

Camargo et al. Evaluating the impact of curriculum learning on the training process for an intelligent agent in a video game

Tanmay FRBF: A Fuzzy Rule Based Framework for Heart Disease Diagnosis

Rakhmawati et al. Ontology-Based Traffic Accident Information Extraction on Twitter In Indonesia

Afiq Raihan et al. A Machine Vision Approach for Recognizing Coastal Fish

Al-Azawi Symmetry-Based Brain Abnormality Detection Using Machine Learning

Zhongshan Chen et al. Education 4.0 using artificial intelligence for students performance analysis

Zafar et al. Procedural Content Generation for General Video Game Level Generation

Rupinder Kaur et al. An Accurate Integrated System to detect Pulmonary and Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis using Machine Learning Algorithms

Hioual et al. Fault Tolerance for Composite Cloud Services: A MAS-based Novel Approach

Cao et al. A New Method of Different Neural Network Depth and Feature Map Size on Remote Sensing Small Target Detection

Sanches Nere dos Santos et al. Mono-objective Evolutionary Model for Affective Algorithmic Composition

Muhongo et al. Detection of Loanwords in Angolan Portuguese: A Text Mining Approach

Dvorak et al. Planning and Scheduling in Additive Manufacturing

Alshammari et al. The Effect of the Dataset Size on the Accuracy of Software Defect Prediction Models: An Empirical Study

Jean Phelipe de Oliveira Lima et al. A Temporal Fusion Approach for Video Classification with Convolutional and LSTM Neural Networks Applied to Violence Detection

Demba KeyFinder: An Efficient Minimal Keys Finding Algorithm For Relational Databases

Pacheco Junior et al. Performance Analysis in the Segmentation of urban asphalted roads in RGB satellite images using K-Means++ and SegNet: Case study in São Luís-MA

Gonzalez-Calvo et al. Applying ensemble neural networks to analyze industrial maintenance: Influence of Saharan dust transport on gas turbine axial compressor fouling

Costa An Operational Semantics for Situated Ideological Systems, with a Case Study Concerning a Paradigmatic Religious Conflict

Wei Cao et al. Artificial intelligence based efficient smart learning framework for education platform

Tariq Ibrahim et al. Feature Selection: Binary Harris Hawk Optimizer Based Biomedical Datasets

Nasser Lauar et al. Greedy Genetic Algorithm for the Data Aggregator Positioning Problem in Smart Grids

Shruthi P et al. Novel Approach for Generating Hybrid Features Set to Effectively Identify Hate Speech

Flores Calero et al. Multiclasificación de arritmias cardiacas usando una red neuronal y la tarjeta MyRio-1900