Document organization by means of graphs


  • Santa Vallejo Figueroa
  • Valeria Nava Lozano


Nowadays documents are the main way to represent information and knowledge in several domains. Continuously users store documents in hard disk or online media according to some personal organization based on topics, but such documents can contain one or more topics. This situation makes hard to access documents when is required. The current search engines are based on the name of file or content, but where the desired term or terms must match exactly as are in the content. In this paper, a method for organize documents by means of graphs is proposed, taking into account the topics of the documents. For this a graph for each document is generated taking into account synonyms, semantic related terms, hyponyms, and hypernyms of nouns and verbs contained in documents. The proposal have been compares against Google Desktop and LogicalDoc with interesting results.


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Vallejo Figueroa, S., & Nava Lozano, V. (2016). Document organization by means of graphs. Inteligencia Artificial, 19(57), 1–21. Retrieved from