Inteligencia Artificial
Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial
Iberamia (ed). ISSN 1137-3601 (print), 1988-3064 (on line). DOI: 10.4114/intartif









Vol 16, No 52 (2013)


Special issue on XIII Workshop on Agents and Intelligent Systems(WASI)

Guest Editorial: XIII Workshop on Agents and Intelligent Systems  Selected papers


Alejandro J. Garcia, Laura Lanzarini, Guillermo Leguizamón



Hybridization of Differential Evolution using Hill Climbing to solve Constrained Optimization Problems


Sebastián Alejandro Hernández, Guillermo Leguizamón, Efrén MezuraMontes



Merging of Ontologies Using Belief Revision and Defeasible Logic Programming


Sergio Alejandro Gómez, Guillermo Ricardo Simari



A defeasible logic programming with extra metalevel information through labels


Maximiliano Celmo David Budan, Mauro Javier Gomez Lucero, Guillermo Ricardo Simari



Assesing The Performance of Different SMetaheuristics To Solve Unrestricted Parallel Identical Machines Scheduling Problem


Claudia Ruth Gatica de Videla, Susana Cecilia Esquivel, Mario Guillermo Leguizamón



An Approach to Argumentation Schemes that Appeal to Expert Opinion


Paola Daniela Budan, Maximiliano Celmo David Budan, Guillermo Ricardo Simari





Inteligencia Artificial.  

Edited by Iberamia. ISSN 1137-3601 (print), 1988-3064 (on line).


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