The 50 most downloaded articles ever (until 2023-01-01)

Dvorak et al. Planning and Scheduling in Additive Manufacturing

Barber 20 aniversario de 'INTELIGENCIA ARTIFICIAL': Revista Iberoamericana de I.A.

Liu et al. Intelligent tutoring Module for a 3Dgame-based science e-learning platform

G et al. A survey on plant disease prediction using machine learning and deep learning techniques

Negro et al. Artificial Intelligence techniques based on the integration of symbolic logic and deep neural networks: A systematic review of the literature

Garcia et al. Análisis y Diseño de Sistemas Multiagente Normativos Abiertos

Núñez Tabale et al. Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to analyze the determinants attributes in housing prices

Mechulam et al. Building Dynamic Lexicons for Sentiment Analysis

Li et al. Study on Student-centered artificial intelligence online teaching + home learning model during the COVID-19 epidemic

Martínez et al. Reglas para predecir el cumplimiento de la calidad del agua residual en una planta tratadora con minería de datos

López-Cabrera et al. Classification of Breast Cancer from Digital Mammography Using Deep Learning

DaÅ™ena et al. Machine Learning-Based Analysis of the Association Between Online Texts and Stock Price Movements

Wang et al. A Gene Expression Clustering Method to Extraction of Cell-to-Cell Biological Communication

Carneiro et al. How the ability to analyse tendencies influences decision satisfaction

Camargo et al. Evaluating the impact of curriculum learning on the training process for an intelligent agent in a video game

Jean Phelipe de Oliveira Lima et al. A Temporal Fusion Approach for Video Classification with Convolutional and LSTM Neural Networks Applied to Violence Detection

Camargo et al. Sentiment polarity classification of tweets using a extended dictionary

Al-azawi et al. Feature extractions and selection of bot detection on Twitter A systematic literature review: Feature extractions and selection of bot detection on Twitter A systematic literature review

Laura et al. From Imitation to Prediction, Data Compression vs Recurrent Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing

Tommasel et al. An experimental study on feature engineering and learning approaches for aggression detection in social media

Arthur O. Santos et al. Morphological Skip-Gram: Replacing FastText characters n-gram with morphological knowledge

Pellejero et al. Semantic analysis on faces using deep neural networks: Análisis semántico en rostros utilizando redes neuronales profundas.

Zhongshan Chen et al. Education 4.0 using artificial intelligence for students performance analysis

Shi et al. Recognition of Motion-blurred CCTs based on Deep and Transfer Learning

Vallejo Figueroa et al. Document organization by means of graphs

Silva et al. The Pattern Recognition in Cattle Brand using Bag of Visual Words and Support Vector Machines Multi-Class

Cox et al. Effects of Dynamic Variable - Value Ordering Heuristics on the Search Space of Sudoku Modeled as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem

Deghbouch et al. A Hybrid Bees Algorithm with Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm for Optimal Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks

Oliveira et al. Decision Making in Dynamic Information Environments

Jacomino et al. Revisión bibliográfica sobre funciones objetivo para el apilamiento de contenedores

Martínez-Plumed Incremental and developmental perspectives for general-purpose learning systems

Castillo et al. A Review on Intelligent Monitoring and Activity Interpretation

López-Fernández Application of data mining and artificial intelligence techniques to mass spectrometry data for knowledge discovery

Mamdouh et al. Airport resource allocation using machine learning techniques

Maisonnave et al. A Flexible Supervised Term-Weighting Technique and its Application to Variable Extraction and Information Retrieval

Brito do Nascimento et al. Intelligent Classification of Supernovae Using Artificial Neural Networks

Expósito-Izquierdo Intelligent Heuristic Techniques for the Optimization of the Transshipment and Storage Operations at Maritime Container Terminals

Marquine Raymundo et al. Elderly perception about the new technologies

Cyras Rational versus Intuitive Outcomes of Reasoning with Preferences: Argumentation Perspective

Baquirin et al. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in a Small Dataset to determine Neutrality in the Pronunciation of English as a Foreign Language in Filipino Call Center Agents: Neutrality Classification of Filipino Call Center Agent's Pronunciation

Ramos et al. An Orientation Method with Prediction and Anticipation Features

Pfitscher et al. Article Users Activity Gesture Recognition on Kinect Sensor Using Convolutional Neural Networks and FastDTW for Controlling Movements of a Mobile Robot

Menezes et al. Feature Learning with Multi-objective Evolutionary Computation in the generation of Acoustic Features

Röpke et al. Development of an Artificial Intelligence System (AI) Based on Patterns Recognition for the Analysis of Vehicular Routes

ferreira Mining Users Mobility at Public Transportation

Vallejos et al. Comparing detection and disclosure of traffic incidents in social networks: an intelligent approach based on Twitter vs. Waze: Comparando la detección y la divulgación de incidentes de tránsito en redes sociales: un enfoque inteligente basado en Twitter vs. Waze

Zafar et al. Procedural Content Generation for General Video Game Level Generation

Campos Souza et al. Fuzzy Neural Networks based on Fuzzy Logic Neurons Regularized by Resampling Techniques and Regularization Theory for Regression Problems

Paulino et al. Hybrid Adaptive Computational Intelligence-based Multisensor Data Fusion applied to real-time UAV autonomous navigation

Menegasso Pires et al. Quantum Circuit Synthesis Using Projective Simulation