Increasing the Performance of Computer Numerical Control Machine via the Dhouib-Matrix-4 Metaheuristic

Metaheuristic for Computer Numerical Control Machine


  • Souhail Dhouib University of Sfax, Tunisia
  • Danijela Pezer University Department of Professional Studies, University of Split, Croatia



Heuristic Search and Optimization, Metaheuristics, Computational Intelligence, Application of AI, Industrial Applications of AI, Planning and Scheduling, Simulation and Modelling, Soft Computing


The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine represents a turning point in today's production which has high requirements for product accuracy. The CNC machine enables a high flexibility in work and time saving and also reduces the time required for product accuracy control. Moreover, the CNC machine are used for several activities, most often for turning, drilling and milling operations. Usually, the productivity of any CNC machine can be increased thanks to the minimization of the non-productive of tool movement. In this paper, the results of a new metaheuristic named Dhouib-Matrix-4 (DM4) with an application on the NP-hard problem based on the Travelling Salesman Problem are presented. DM4 is used for increasing the performance of the CNC Machine by optimizing a tool path length in the drilling process performed on the CNC milling machine. The proposed algorithm (DM4) achieves a solution closed to the optimum, compared with the results obtained with the Ant Colony Optimization algorithm and the results found with the manual programming in G code by using a control unit for the selected CNC milling machine.


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Dhouib, S., & Pezer, D. (2023). Increasing the Performance of Computer Numerical Control Machine via the Dhouib-Matrix-4 Metaheuristic: Metaheuristic for Computer Numerical Control Machine. Inteligencia Artificial, 26(71), 142–152.