Spanish Verbs Visualization: A study and scalable experimentation

  • Ana García Serrano
  • Jorge Horcas Pulido,
  • Fernando López Ostenero


In this paper it is presented a study on verbs in Spanish and it’s potential to display images from the Wikipedia (Wikimedia). It is designed and developed an Information Retrieval model based on linguistic structures of verbs and an environment that allows all subsequent scaling Spanish verbs. Adesse and EuroWordNet are the linguistic resources selected to bring the theoretical basis of the work. In the absence of an adequate corpus with relevant judgments to the problem, it has been recorded by the second author a subset of visual verbs sufficiently representative and enable to further work on this issue. Finally conclusions about visual verbs as well as the obtained results are provided


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García Serrano, A., Horcas Pulido, J., & López Ostenero, F. (2016). Spanish Verbs Visualization: A study and scalable experimentation. Inteligencia Artificial, 19(57), 26-36. Retrieved from