Inteligencia Artificial

Edited by Iberamia. e-ISSN: 1988-3064.

 Inteligencia Artificial is an international open access journal, promoted and sponsored by the Iberoamerican Society of Artificial Intelligence (IBERAMIA), following the Open Journal System (OJS) standard. The journal was founded by the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence (AEPIA) in 1997. Since 2012, the journal is published by IBERAMIA.

The journal publishes high-quality original research papers reporting theoretical or applied advances in all branches of Artificial Intelligence. Articles can be written in Spanish, Portuguese and English, and they will undergo a peer revision process using the double-blind system. In addition to rapid publication and dissemination of unsolicited contributions, the journal is also committed to producing monographs and special issues on topics of special relevance to the AI community.

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Copyright Notice: The journal provides immediate free open access to all its contents  under the Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CreativeCommon Licence CC BY-NC).  There are no fees or costs for subscription, publishing or editing tasks.

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