Genetic Algorithms for Satellite Launcher Attitude Controller Design


  • Paulo Renato Silva Universidade Estadual do Maranhão
  • Ivanildo Silva Abreu
  • Paulo Almeida Forte
  • Henrique Mariano Costa do Amaral



For proper attitude control of space-crafts conventional optimal Linear Quadratic (LQ) controllers are designed via trial-and-error selection of the weighting matrices. This time consuming method is inefficient and usually results in a high order complex controller. Therefore, this work proposes a genetic algorithm (GA) for the search problem of the attitude controller gains of a satellite launcher. The GA's fitness function considers some control features as eigenstructure, control goals and constraints. According to simulation results, the search problem of controller parameters with evolutionary algorithms was faster than usual approaches and the designed controller reached all the specifications with satisfactory time responses. These results could improve engineering tasks by speeding up the design process and reducing costs.


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Silva, P. R., Silva Abreu, I., Almeida Forte, P., & Costa do Amaral, H. M. (2019). Genetic Algorithms for Satellite Launcher Attitude Controller Design. Inteligencia Artificial, 22(63), 150–161.