Age-Invariant Cross-Age Face Verification using Transfer Learning


  • Newlin Shebiah Russel Department of ECE, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi, India
  • Arivazhagan Selvaraj Mepco schlenk engineering college, India
  • Dhanya Devi S Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India
  • Dhivyarupini M Mepco schlenk engineering college, India



Cross-age face verification, Local Binary Pattern, Histogram of Oriented Gradients, Transfer Learning


The integration of face verification technology has become indispensable in numerous safety and security software systems. Despite its promising results, the field of face verification encounters significant challenges due to age-related disparities. Human facial characteristics undergo substantial transformations over time, leading to diverse variations including changes in facial texture, morphology, facial hair, and eyeglass adoption. This study presents a pioneering methodology for cross-age face verification, utilizing advanced deep learning techniques to extract resilient and distinctive facial features that are less susceptible to age-related fluctuations. The feature extraction process combines handcrafted features like Local Binary Pattern/Histogram of Oriented Gradients with deep features from MobileNetV2 and VGG-16 networks. As the texture of the facial skin defines the age related characteristic the well-known texture feature extractors like LBP and HoG is preferred. These features are concatenated to achieve fusion, and subsequent layers fine-tune them. Experimental validation utilizing the Cross-Age Celebrity Dataset demonstrates remarkable efficacy, achieving an accuracy of 98.32%.


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Russel, N. S., Selvaraj, A., S, D. D., & M, D. (2024). Age-Invariant Cross-Age Face Verification using Transfer Learning . Inteligencia Artificial, 27(74), 37–47.